The Quest For Silver & Gold

When pondering about all the wardrobe items and accessories that make up part of daily lives, is there anything more personal than our jewellery choices?

With the exception of our trusty personals if you know what I mean.

Perhaps, this is because of the manner in which jewellery is received. Rarely is it something that we buy for ourselves, rather it is gifted from those whom we treasure or passed down as an heirloom carrying stories and a journey of those who came before.

When we receive a piece of jewellery from someone we love, we are moved not only because it is such an extravagant display of affection but it is also a reflection of how well that person knows our character when the piece in question is just right. I would argue that it is the latter which makes the gift truly priceless. 

There are many things to consider when selecting something for yourself or others, namely are they a minimalist and prefer a more refined lightweight design or do they gravitate towards pieces crafted to make a statement. Aesthetic choices aside, we have to then consider what precious metal will compliment the wearer the most. I long held the notion that jewellery is universally flattering regardless of whether it be silver, gold and all the dazzling variations in between.

I will never forget the day I learnt the extent to which a  piece of jewellery compliments the wearer is dependent on the interaction between the metal composition and skin tone in question. And here I was thinking that our cool, warm and neutral tones only affected our colour choices as far as our clothing was concerned. In retrospect, though it was obvious I never thought to extend this colour theory to jewellery due to its size. I failed to understand everything we dress ourselves in has power, tells a story and most importantly has significance.

So how can you best determine the shade for you? Should your skin tone be cool, whereby your veins have a bluish hue, silver and white gold is your new best friend. On the contrary, should your veins be more on the green spectrum, gold in all its glory from yellow to rose will suit warm tone individuals. Lastly, even though they say blue and green should never be seen in this case you can throw that rule out the window. For those among us with veins that dance between these two hues, congratulations you are blessed in the jewellery department. Your neutral skin tone maximises your choices, essentially anything and everything will look good on you.

In the end wear what makes you happy, what makes your feel beautiful and the pieces you value. However, should you be looking for that special something that will complete an overall look keep in mind your skin tone or that of the lucky recipient. 

*Featured image courtesy of @bycharlotte*