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The Quest For Silver & Gold

When pondering about all the wardrobe items and accessories that make up part of daily lives, is there anything more personal than our jewellery choices? With the exception of our trusty personals if you know what I mean. Perhaps, this is because of the manner in which jewellery is received. Rarely is it something that we buy for ourselves, rather it is gifted from those whom we treasure or passed down as an heirloom carrying stories and a journey of those who came before. When we receive a piece of jewellery from someone we love, we are moved not only because it is such an extravagant display of affection but it is also a reflection of how well that person...

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Introducing The UnCommons Vintage

My time in the UK was an education and one I was unknowingly in desperate need of. Perhaps in recognising that I needed help with my style, I remember my colleague Stuart inviting me to the iconic Camden Markets. As we perused the stalls my love for vintage was born and I never looked back

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